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Crestron iPad™ Home Control

iPad™ - The Perfect Home Entertainment System

Crestron integration with Apple鳠the perfect marriage of content and technology to create the ideal home entertainment system.

Control audio, video, lights, blinds and temperatures directly from your iPad or iPhone.

Connect your iPod to a Crestron IDoc for full iPod functionality, providing a seamless, elegant solution to manage your iTunes쩢rary and enjoy music throughout the home.

View alarm status, adjust lights and room temperatures anywhere in the world using your iPad - lying on a beach or sitting at your desk.

The iPad and iPod connect wirelessly to a 2 or 3 series Crestron control system processor which provides the interface and control capability for all your home entertainment, lighting and any other controllable equipment.

If you currently have a Crestron installation, we can seamlessly program your iPad into your current system, otherwise please contact us for further information on Crestron systems.



Watch the video for an example of an iPad running the control app - 'Mobile PRO G for iPad' Crestron iPad app available from itunes.