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Projector and screen installation, Berkhamsted School Chapel, Hertfordshire

This leading private school required a projector to be installed in their 16th century chapel, displayed on a huge 226 inch screen mounted 7 metres above the alter.

Our expert team delicately hoisted the large and heavy (over 120kg) screen into position, mounted behind a cross beam. Painted a dark brown colour, it is virtually invisible to the naked eye when not in use.

We also installed an Epson Z8050 projector with a long-throw lens projecting over 27 metres, outputting 7000 ANSI Lumens at a 5000:1 contrast ratio to display a crisp and bright HD image on the screen.

The projector and screen are used daily during term time, and are controlled by an AMX control panel.

Equipment list:

  • Epson Z8050WNL WXGA 3LCD projector
  • 4.5 metre wide x 2.8 metre high 16:10 widescreen electric screen
  • AMX button panel control
  • HDMI DVD player

Berkhamsted SchoolBerkhamsted SchoolBerkhamsted SchoolBerkhamsted SchoolBerkhamsted School