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Private residence, Luxembourg

Whole home control using iPad, iPhone and touchpanels.

We programmed a whole house Crestron control system to control everything from TV's to the home cinema, right through to audio throughout the house and in the garden.

The house, which includes a gym and a separate nanny flat, has been configured to allow music from different sources to play throughout the house and outside pool areas at the click of a button. Each audio zone is independently controlled, allowing music to be played throughout the house for a party or listening to separate music for day-to-day use.

HD video is routed throughout the house using a dedicated HD over IP Just-Add-Power system, allowing the home cinema and every TV screen to independently watch a variety of TV sources, including Sky, Satellite, Blu-Ray player and Apple TV.

Equipment list:

  • Crestron AV2 control system processor
  • Crestron iPad app and iPad control program
  • Crestron TPS-4L and Crestron TPS-15L touchpanels
  • Crestron CNX-BIPAD8's - CAT5 Audio Distribution
  • Crestron CNAMPX - Multi-Room Amplifier
  • Crestron CNX-RMC's
  • Crestron CEN-IDOCV Apple docking station
  • Denon AV receiver
  • LG TV's and Seleco home cinema HD projector
  • Just Add Power 2G HDMI over IP Standard Transmitter's and Receiver's
  • Panasonic Blu-Ray player
  • Apple TV's
  • Playstation 3
  • Nintendo Wii

Crestron iPad designCrestron iPad designCrestron iPad designCrestron iPad designCrestron iPad design